Preparing for Nemo... ...

Panicked by his experience during Hurricane Sandy, Nishi has been doing all he can in preparation for Nemo. Yesterday after dropping us home... he bought a shovel, salt for snow and filled the car-gas-tank  full. because when Sandy had struck... he was trapped for 3 days straight... in a dark house with no electricity and no gas in the tank.  and not until a lab-mate obliged him with a ride and some gas... did he manage to resume back into normal life. but of course in comparison to all the sufferings that Sandy brought.. this was nothing.  in any case like everyone else... we are stocking up on every bit we can think of ...while praying and hoping all along that Nemo doesn't strike as bad. 

If you are around these corners... stay safe... hope you are well-stocked with food, candles and gas.

update: the non-stop rain and the sleet and the slush is making me nervous. the weather predictions have been pretty accurate so far... seems like there is no escaping the blizzard tonight

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