Friday before Nemo... the Snow, the Slush and the Good Man

Last Friday, with warnings of heavy snow storm, the lab closed down at 2:00 p.m. We immediately went and picked Pradyot up from the daycare.. and headed to Sam's Club for some last moment stocking up...
Nishi had forgotten the candles and we hadn't any in the house.. so that was a must purchase that we couldn't afford to skip inspite of all the warnings and the apparent slush and snow. 

however.. we just couldn't find any candle in any aisle. so we decided to stop at the neighborhood grocery shop. but by then it had already started snowing heavily. the view through the car window was fast becoming a blur... the traffic was slowing every minute and as a consequence the usual 20 minutes drive stretched to a mighty 45 minutes that day.

and by the time we reached the store and Nishi finished that last bit of essential stock up... it was 5:00 p.m. now the big snowballs had begun pouring down. and as pretty as the surroundings looked from the car... the moment Nishi started the car, we realized what a BIG SOUP we had plunged ourselves in. the wheels had got stuck in the snow and slush... and no amount of engine acceleration could make them budge. and when Nishi asked me to step out and push the car while he pressed the accelerator... to my horror i realized that my shoes did not have the grip for snow.  the more I tried to push... the more I slipped. of course. Newton's 3rd Law was at work ... but i wasn't thinking about that then..  it was freezing and we just wanted to get back home. later Nishi told me that at that moment he was considering abandoning the car right there and walking back. but he of course did not mention it then. for he knew that with Pradyot around it wouldn't be easy convincing me about that... 

anyway while he was tossing his options... and i gathering all the strength to push the car again... by God's grace a kind gentleman stepped out from his car and helped me give the car THE PUSH.... At that moment I really didn't know how to thank him enough. I merely said "Thank you so much. Drive safe,"  and jumped into the car. but thinking back... I feel I should have atleast given him a big hug... 

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