Beardsley Zoo, Connecticut

Over the President's day weekend we visited the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Of course we had planned the trip with Pradyot in mind... but as it turned out, his dad and I enjoyed it as much.  The animal kingdom is so darn fascinating !!  so i thought of sharing some of our better clicks from the day...
^^ the peafowl that greeted us outside the Rainforest building
^^ Blue-sapphire Poison Dart Frog that i had only seen in photographs before..
^^ Scarlet Ibis..
^^  Golden Lion Tamarin that seemed like the most friendly creature around..
^^ Emerald Tree Boa 

 ^^AmurTiger that we could not get enough of. Nishi and i kept shooting it every-which-way... but we just could not capture its magnanimity with our not-so-versatile-digital... 

hope we have better luck the next time.

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