Pradyot has started daycare... and after yielding to his motion sickness for almost a week, we have finally found a way to deal with it. sour apple lollipops or orange flavored ones. its his pick. but whichever it is... it keeps him engaged and keeps his breakfast down. so we are  good. 

Even I have started working... well working in the sense that everyday I spend few hours in the library reading and revising my books. the first few days were a little frustrating.. i somehow felt  lost in the known kingdom.. but things are getting better. and i am sure that within a few weeks i'll feel confident enough to meet and discuss math with my old friends.. and also apply for jobs.

I must confess that I haven't yet found a way to balance my baby, house and passion. but the good news is Nishi is helping a LOT more.... and together we are gradually shaping things out...

Hope you've been keeping well and doing great. Hope you have a wonderful week.
Stay safe, keep warm and eat healthy.

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