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So this week was both long and short for us...  short. because it began with a holiday but then by Thursday Pradyot had to be called in sick. yes. he got the flu. and my baby has been suffering quite a bit. we've been trying all that we can to keep him warm and cozy.  giving him lots of liquids... soups, flavored yogurts , juices et al. but nothing seems good enough... it feels terrible to be stuck in a foreign land with an ailing baby in hand. in times like this I really miss home. specially my mom.

Well everybody said... being a mom is not easy. but what they did not say is that it is harder if you are trying to raise your baby in a country you did not grow up in. for then even your mom fails to council you through the little things. 

Hoping that the medicines will do their tricks and soon bounce our baby back to health... signing off till then. take care.

p.s: took the photograph above with Nishi's android in BNL on Wednesday. there are few more here.

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