Aaj Pochiche Boishak !!

Self-portrait of Tagore
one indelible part of being born in a Bengali household is that you grow with Tagore.... 

the hummings that a Bengali baby hears in his mothers womb is rabindrasangeet... the lullabies that put the newborns to sleep are rabindrasangeet...in most households the daughters are tutored into lessons of rabindrasangeet from a very early age... and more often than not... the first short story that a Bengali kid reads are from Tagore's collection...

i being no exception from any other Bengali kid  have also been groomed from the very womb to appreciate and admire Tagore and speak out my deepest emotions in words lent from his verses.....  so today as Bengal celebrates his 150th birth anniversary my heart swells up to sing his words.....

commemorative postage stamps on Rabindranath Tagore released on 7th May 2011 to mark his 150th birthday anniversary

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