Wishing and wanting to see you, I step on thin ice....

Oh, how I wished and wanted to see 
you, but you were a person I could not 
see at will. With the tip of my shoe I 
played with the thin ice that had
frozen on a small pool of water. I did 
not know what to do with my feelings 
of wanting to see you.

When two people fall in love, it is 
sometimes possible for them to see 
each other whenever they want. But 
with me, I did not have the courage to 
go see him, so I stayed at the edge of 
the thin ice.

Like the thin ice in the early spring, 
my feelings were so fragile that with a 
small shock they would have broken 

- haiku by  Madoka Mayuzumi

[the picture is from the February-page of the calendar that hangs on one of our walls.. and the haiku is my find of the day... aren't they just the verses to begin the month of valentine's day !!]

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