Knitting can be quite a cakewalk....

 When I was little I remember Ma and grandma used to spend all their winter afternoons sitting in the lawns, chatting and knitting up hats, sweaters and socks with such ease as if knitting up sweaters were a cakewalk. I had learnt the basics from them, but i  never ventured into making anything beyond doll-dress till recently. In mid January, caught between all the cold and snow I finally decided to give knitting serious try.  ... so with the help of lessons from  The Knitting Community and youtube, I set out to knit a hat with a yarn and circular needles... and guess what at the end of a wee and a half.. i realised that if you follows the instructions right... knitting can actually be a cakewalk :)) ...

so here i proudly present to you a picture of my finished hat !!

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