Breach of privacy....

the thing is today.. in fact  a few seconds back i sent a mail from my gmail account. i had to mail someone some documents and so i wrote...

                               Dear Mr. X,

                                          Please find attached copies of ........


...and as is very characteristic of me (not that i am very proud of it.. and i am definitely trying to be more careful with things like this..) i forgot to attach the files... so a message popped up on my screen and asked if i had forgotten to attach the files that i mentioned in my mail.... ?? i do not know gmail accounts work... but since i regard my emails like letters and @....com as a new-age version of the good old postal services... this message that popped up seemed like a intrusion into my privacy.. wouldn't it be weird if someday the postman asks, " Ma'm, I just went through the letter i was suppose to deliver and realised that you haven't enclosed the files that you have mentioned you would enclose....."

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