Sunday Lunch...

Good Morning !! Here in Chennai,  Sunday is smiling wide and  bright... today after waking up i entertained myself to a sumptuous conversation with husband and now i am happy and all set for the day !

Some frozen fish has been lying in my refrigerator for a while... I had one of my mother's simple fish-recipe in mind.. Patla Macher Jhol,- a simple blandish-fish-curry with lots of veggis is what i had thought i would try this Sunday for lunch... But alternate plans have been made. we have all been booked for a Sunday-Matinee show. a comedy it is they said... so i have shelved back my fish once more... had i been younger i would have tried to squeeze in the cooking along with the matinee... but not anymore..over the years i have realised that i am not a super-woman and over-taxing only leaves me super-frustrated.. and you know cooking isn't the job of frustrated minds for more often than not, the chef's mood gets reflected in his pot! so let the recipe freeze till next Sunday lunch...

 meanwhile what are you cooking this Sunday for lunch ? whipping up your own special meal or feeling a little nostalgic and therefore turning to your mom for one of her traditional delectable recipes...  that you have had so many times before as a child but hadn't appreciated it enough for home-cooking and delicious meals were then a part of the norm....

[photograph from weheartit]

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