Few of my favourite things ....

I wasn't served tea on bed 
nor woken by the tune of an old song at day-break
a mayna-pair did not greet me on my way
nor did my breakfast-table lay strewn with garden-picked-lilies or a batch of freshly baked brownies....
but i am all smiles and giggles today
... for this morning I received a little love note from husband to brighten my day.
a picture-postcard it was,- a picture-postcard to cheer me up...
....a postcard with a peeping giraffe from the maxwanger shop ... 
and since "morning shows the day" - they say
i am hoping that today will be a wonderful day
and when night falls i hope to wind up in bed complacent and gay !!

[postcard from maxwanger shop]

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