The Reunion.............

This video of the reunion John Rendall and Ace Berg with their friend Christian touched me.... so i thought it was perfect thing to share with you this weekend.... 

So what are your plans for the weekend ? I have quite a few things lined up for Saturday as well as Sunday.... Firstly I intend to start off on my version of the tulips-painting -challenge that has been posed on  ROOKIEPAINTER. I guess that will take care of my Saturday evening and a good part of Sunday .... Then there is a photo-frame I have promised to make for a friend... Nothing fancy.. but that is another thing to be done... and for Sunday morning I have some pretty elaborate cooking plans... Let us see how much of all this fits into these two days !  

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with pets, family and friends... 

Tata, take care,
eat well, drink lots and exercise a little,
and drop a line if you will ... 

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