Have you really loved a woman ....

I do not know for sure if it was that summer that my little brother had fallen in love ... but when he came home for the vacations there was one song he played on and on and on....  till it filled his room and mine too... my room which was adjacent his ,... and soon enough it became one of our favourite songs.... 

sometime last week when memories of  college days floated back, along with it refreshed memories of our love for that Bryan Adam's song... and how its video had made me want to do a little Spanish dance and how i had swooned over its lyrics and had wished to meet and fall in love with a man who would hear my silent words, see my dreams in my eyes and love me unconditionally till the end of time..........

[How was your weekend ? I had a nice time drawing this Spanish dancer. i could not get her face right, 
so my friend M.P Deka helped me to complete it ... the drawing has been inspired by this photograph that i had found via google search]

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