Sense and Sensibility....

My friend Archana connects with almost all living things on earth... and lately I have come to realize that with her acute sensibility she is quite capable of breathing life into the most mundane things around.... Believe me ...I am not exaggerating !!

    A loves creating and takes origami as a serious hobby.  ...and very often she gifts her origami creations to people she meets.....  Such was the story between her and Aishini, a three year old kiddie who has recently moved into the campus. In A's words,  her little friend is a child of nature for at three this little girl delights in collecting seeds...  So when my friend gave Aishini an origami flower, she gave A some seeds which she had collected from the campus grounds. A had walked those grounds many times before but those seeds had gone un-noticed.  ....Touched by the little one's connection with nature, she made a small pendent  for herself from those gifted seeds.... that would remind her every now and then of her little friend and her bonding with the world that surrounds....

The other day A mailed me the photos of her new creation.... and needless to say, - her sensibility touched me all over again.......


  1. Wonderful. May be after "children of heaven" first I felt like a small thing can be heavenly worthy :)

    Good that you lock that as well in the small piece of writing. May be now we need Satyajit Ray to put this
    thing in the perspective of a movie :) and that would e simply great.

  2. Dear Tanu,

    Thank you very much, for those word for me. Which I don't deserve...

    Last few month I was thinking about how we will face global warming. What we should do about it, at a single person level? Off course tree plantation is among the few top solutions of the problem. But how to aware this, in everybody about it?

    After posting that photo, I was thinking about seeds, and that remind me the scene from the movie, "My Neighbor Totoro". When Mei and Satsuki was waiting for their father at bus stop and then Totoro come and wait there with them. While going back he gives them seeds. Which they plants later. Hayao Miyazaki makes movies mostly of themes between relationship of nature and that of human begin. I think since children are not much spoiled like older, so for them this relationship is quite natural.

    May this kind of act like gifting plant or seeds will be a kind of small solution to towards global warming?


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