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This week I did not blog at all... It is extremely hot here in Chennai and nothing looks inspiring enough... the heat has cramped my brain and is on the verge of numbing my senses... it is difficult to think beautiful thoughts when the weather is this bad... so i have been desperately trying to keep my mind off my immediate surroundings... Husband and friends are trying to help... courtesy them i presently have three new books on my book shelf ....

When We Were Roman by Matthew Kneale
Manik Bandhyopadhay Rochonashomogri: 9 (A collection of Short stories by Manik Bandhyopadhay) 
A Mercy by Toni Morrison

I had read about the first in A CUP OF JO and had been eagerly waiting to own a copy of the book. Husband couriered it recently.. (Smiles !! I love him so much for spoiling me this way.. heeheehee) and these days it  is my favourite bedtime companion !!  The second one, a friend recommended and lent... It is a collection of short stories in Bengali and I read this one when the heat is making me impatient and i want the know the end right away..... (simple short stories can treat my impatience just like that !! ) The third one I am yet to begin... I saw "the Toni Morrison" on a book-shop shelf and could not resist purchasing it. love its cover page !..... But right now my hands are full... so i guess it will have to wait  awhile !!

So how is the weather at your place ? I hope it is treating you well...  and
which are the new books that you have recently purchased...  what are you reading these days  ??

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