Every once in awhile, a girl has to indulge herself.......

A sizable amount of work awaits me... but i do not feel like it. It happens to me once in awhile... when all i want to do is to indulge and work must wait.... so last night i saw a movie, Houzhe (To Live) and then again one today post-lunch, Turtles Can Fly. Both the movies are excellent and they left a deep impression on me... No. I shall not attempt a movie review of either... for i do not feel competent... but for sure i recommend to you both.. they brought me goosebumps is all i can say....

Also this blogdom has revived my interest in drawings and paintings again. and under the spell of the art-blogs that I have recently started following,  i tried a version of a Chinese painting with crayons today. I quite like the completed picture. so for the time-being... or till i  draw something that I like better, i have set my new drawing as the banner of the blog. the orange sun was an after-thought...  i added it while  editing the picture in GIMP.  right now, i quite like my blog-banner with my little birdies tweeting under the sun !

so far so much about my weekend. hope you are indulging yourselves too...   catching up with friends and hobbies that had taken a back seat to accommodate the  business of the week...  Indulge abundantly and have a lovely weekend !!

Bye, take care...
and please drop a line when you have time to spare.....
[title is a quotation by Sarah Jessica Parker]

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