the introduction.....

it was more than a year ago.... I was still a student then..
they had recently moved into our campus.  she with her dad and mom...
i had noticed her a number of times before,  during my walks... but we had not spoken... never exchanged words...
she was a little more than two then... her father had just joined as a faculty at our institute... i had shared no common interest with him or her mom and so we had not been introduced...

But that evening as i was walking up the slope adjoining the pantry, she looked at me and smiled.

       i smiled back and asked   "what is your name ?"
                               her mother probed and she replied,  " Elly !"

                                   that is a rare name for a little Bengali girl.  and  I said, "cute,"   then asked ,   "what are you doing ?"

                she replied, "I am dancing,"      and then began to dance....

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