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Me with NTK, summer of
Its been sometime that i have been blogging.
initially i did not want to disclose who i am and then i let go of those reservations...

so here i am... Tanusree, a mathematician by profession with a dream to be a good researcher, a good teacher, a loving wife and a loving and dutiful  mother ......

NTK is my dear husband, - an astrophysicist by profession and sometimes just to make me happy he writes in a word or two.... and complements my posts with appropriate images to go...

While we were being groomed to become mathematicians and physicists, some of us had got interested in running a wall-magazine where poems, articles, paintings and photographs by fellow graduate students were put up and in one of those editions i had written the following poem.

"Exempt me today my daily chores,
'Tis time to greet the sandy shores.
No more can I silent my humming bee...
Nature's call I must return with joyous fanciful spree"

That was one of the first poems that I ever wrote.  I liked the sound of my little song and ever since secretly  fancied being a poet...... in the beginning whenever words obliged i wrote a little something to fill in this corner of my world..... However of late i have taken to scribbling a little about all the things that bother me on and off... so this space on mine  has  now transformed into a mosaic of  all random thoughts that cross my mind.

So that was it about us and the blog.... Thanks  for visiting. We'll love to hear from you... Have a nice day !!

take care,
Tanusree (Tanu)

Discalimer: I hereby certify that  I can generate ad income and accept advertising/ad links on my blog.

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  1. Mathematician! Tanu, you intimidate me a bit though I did a PG in Physics (I later threw it to the winds and happily agreed to sit at home and draw circles in air for the husband who wanted a Stay at Home, Online worker girl ;))

    Anyway, love your recipes and the photos. I think you are a pro in those areas too :)


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Best, Tanusree

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